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Founded in 2004, we are a Human resource (HR), and business development consultancy based in Cornwall. We provide comprehensive HR services in person and online to business across the South West and UK. With years of experience in a broad range of industries, we have tailor-made HR packages to businesses in both private and charity sectors. We pride ourselves on providing a professional and reliable human resources service to all our clients across the UK, helping them adapt and respond to the people, business and workplace challenges they face.

Jane Sevier

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Jane has more than 20 years experience in HR at a senior level. A fellow of the Chartered institute of Personnel & Development, she helps organise Continuing Professional Development workshops for members in Cornwall - recent meetings have covered a range of subjects including absence, employment law and managing drug or alcohol abuse in the workplace. With expertise across all aspects of HR and acknowledged as an employment law guru, Jane is a great source of up to date HR wisdom and advice.

Mark Sevier


Mark was a senior production engineer with BAe before going on to become Quality Manager. In that role he used specialist software and lean techniques to reduce lead time for manufacture and the need for inspection. Mark manages the SCG website and ensures that anyone needing HR support gets a prompt, reliable response.

Client needs

We know that every business, employer and employee will need something different from their HR team. Often our clients will come to us with a particular concern, whether it is about business development, employment law, outplacement or dispute resolution. They need personal HR guidance and advice which is why we take the time to get to know you and your business. We work closely with all of our clients to find the most effective solution to their HR dilemma.

Our values

We believe in flexibility, adaptability and quality - working with our clients to ensure that we meet their requirements on time, every time.

Our flexibility as consultants means that costs can be contained and concerns over permanent headcount are removed. We have a range of service levels to enable clients to select the support that matches their needs. 

If you need help occasionally and just want to check you are following correct procedure, the HR Helpline and member's website will meet your needs. 

If you are able to cover all aspects of HR yourself, but want an occasional second opinion to make sure you haven't missed anything, we can conduct a one-off HR Audit and summarise an action plan. To clear something off your desk, or get something you need completed to meet a deadline, just ask for a quote for that particular piece of work. Finally, if you don't want any of the HR work yourself, the Retainer Service will be perfect.

Our services

Help with a single specific piece of work

Ideal if you want work moved off the "to do" list, if you want something completed to meet a deadline or you want to buy in expertise tailored to a particular project. Examples include:

HR Audit

Perfect if you don't have anyone responsible for Personnel. On-site visit will identify key aspects in complying with employment legislation. Typed report will be sent to you, which will outline your strengths and an action plan for the areas to improve upon.

Retainer Service

A tailored proposal covering the key elements of HR, based on the time you wish to devote to the function. A monthly log of work is maintained so you know exactly what the HR issues are and what work is being completed. Carry over of unused/excess hours so no hidden surprises.

Our costs

How much will it cost?  -  Can I afford you?

Yes you can!

We aim to turn managing your people into a cost saving rather than a cost expense.

If you are in any doubt about costs, please contact us so we can discuss your requirements and your budget. There are no hidden costs and we will agree up-front what you want to spend and what you will get for your money. We need no full time office space, no employment benefits and no on-going salary payments!

The other way to view it, is can you afford NOT to use us?

Have you the time to ensure you are complying with all the recent employment legislation?

Have you the time to write staff handbooks, contracts and policies that you need to ensure your staff are working how you want them to?

Not having good employment practices in place means that your staff might not be adding as much value to your business as they could.

Ultimately, your staff could take you to an Employment Tribunal if they feel they are being treated unfairly - if you lose the costs can be unlimited.


If you would like to discuss your business needs - call us on 01726 860227 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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