It is likely that if you manage staff, at some stage you will be involved in a disciplinary situation. Employers have a duty to ensure that disciplinary rules are accessible to all workers and that they are understood.

Knowing that you have formal disciplinary procedures, they are adhered to and employee's rights have been maintained will minimise the risk of hefty legal bills and compensation payouts.

Being involved in a disciplinary process can be time-consuming and if you are a small business, you may the only person who can prepare and conduct the necessary meetings - often a lonely job. We can help you by:

  • Preparing the evidence and paperwork
  • Reviewing the evidence and ensuring any judgements are fair and consistent
  • Handling correspondence to the employee
  • Holding or accompanying you at each disciplinary interview
  • Ensuring all follow up actions occur
  • Oversee any appeal.

If you would rather manage any disciplinary situation in-house, we can also help you by running workshops for your staff to ensure they follow best practice and the latest employment law to prevent you falling foul of the legislation.

Grievances raised by your employees can be equally daunting and it is often helpful to have someone to discuss the issues raised. You can refer to us on an ad-hoc basis throughout the grievance. Alternatively you can invite us to hold grievance meetings and work through the matters using a variety of techniques, for example, communication, consultation, negotiation, training or anything else that will resolve the matter for both the employee and you. The aim is to always reach a win - win situation.

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