Recruiting and retaining the right people is probably the biggest challenge a company faces. If you get it wrong the cost can be enormous in terms of lost opportunities and profit.

Support can be provided in the form of:



Tailored recruitment solutions

Whether you recruit one person a year, or several a month, you want to get the best person for the job as quickly as possible with the minimum spend.

Managing recruitment campaigns

This takes away the micro-management and administration hassle and lets you focus on the important aspect - ensuring you get the best person for the job.

Interviewing and short-listing candidates

Interviewing can be time-consuming and it may help to have someone do the initial interview, summarise each candidate and suggest a short-list of candidates for you to meet to make the final decision. Alternatively if you meet all the candidates you may just want a 2nd opinion before making the final decision.

Improve the recruitment process

You may want to streamline your recruitment process. Having worked with many companies we can give you advice to implement improvements to your recruitment service.

Assessment centres

Interviewing in itself only provides you with some information on the candidate. Establishing some other form of assessment that relates directly to the job, gives you a fuller picture of the candidates' knowledge and skills. This increases the likelihood of selecting the best person for your vacancy. We can establish or assist with the establishment of carefully structured assessment tests.

You may also want to conduct a full psychometric assessment for more senior roles, for which we are fully qualified.


Not sure how best to explain your skills, not been job-hunting for a long time and don't know how to sell yourself? Unsure of the latest style? Advice can be given to help you:
  • Write your CV that highlights all your talents
  • Prepare you for interview
  • Practise ability and aptitude tests.

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