Have you wanted to know what the latest minimum wage is? Or what new legislation Europe is about to introduce into the UK.

Although you will be able to find the answer by reading the latest industry magazines, trawling the internet or phoning your accountant or solicitor, this can take a couple of hours. If you're running your own business you won't have the time to spare or it will be time that you could better spend on building your business.

We have set up a helpline that provides you with simple, clear and concise answers to employment questions that you need to know to manage your employees effectively. It costs only £350 + VAT per year (payable by cheque or BACS). After the first year's membership you can elect to pay monthly by standing order. 

It may be that you want more in-depth information to take your people and business to the next level. Being independent and having a wide range of experience of working with different people and businesses, we can research latest methods and ideas and discuss these with you. We also have a wide range of contacts and we can tap into this network to find out the latest techniques that will make a real contribution to improving business performance.

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