The Staff Handbook can contain a wealth of information that tells employees what you expect from them, and what they can expect from you. Documenting policies, procedures and general information and making sure it is easily accessible to your staff, saves any misunderstandings, which will take time to discuss and resolve.

Producing a company handbook can take time. Most of the information will normally be held somewhere in the company, such as terms and conditions of employment, company background, but finding it and pulling it together into a simple and easy to read format can be time-consuming. We have written several staff handbooks - from simple 2-3 page documents that outline the basics, to detailed handbooks held on computer that document all policies and procedures and their history.

We hold a large number of ploicies on our HR toolkit which can easily be converted into a Staff Handbook, starting with the basics and adding as you grow and need more comprehensive guidance for staff. Click here to find out more about our HR Toolkit.

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